AngeLINK Back in Paper

AngeLINK Back in Paper

The USA faces a key presidential election. Matters of religion are in the forefront of debate. The internet is being used to manipulate voters. A rogue AI is suspected of involvement. The Middle East is aflame with terrorist attacks. An online game is suspected of harming children.

Contemporary as it may sound, AngeLINK is not a new SF series. It is 20+ years old. Back at the turn of the Millennium, Lyda Morehouse imagined a near future world in the aftermath of a terrible world war using bombs that turned cities to glass. Matters of religion are now vital to politics in most of the world. Angels have started to appear on the internet. Are they real? And if not, what is God going to do about this?

Over the course of four books, Morehouse takes us on a rollercoaster ride through politics and religion. Some of the key characters include a genius Muslim hacker, a loveable Japanese AI who hasn’t quite realised that the ‘family’ she works for are Yakuza mobsters, a trans archangel, and of course Satan, who takes to celebrity culture like a duck to water.

Come back with us to a simpler time, when much of the world in which we now live was just the stuff of some science fiction writer’s fevered imagination.

The AngeLINK books have been available from us for some years in eBook form, but finally they are back in paper. You can find purchase links on the following pages:

The books are available in paperback, and also in gorgeous hardcovers featuring the fabulous Bruce Jensen covers.

And if you are wondering what will happen with Ressurection Code, watch this space!

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  1. On US pages it looks like the hardbacks are only available for Archangel Protocol and Fallen Host. Messiah Node and Apocalypse Array show only the paperback version. I see the hardback on some of the links (zon and the UK bookstore). Will the hardback be available later, is it a glitch or something else?

    1. Hi Brook, thanks for letting us know. That is very odd. The hardbacks are all available from our printers in the USA. Unfortunately we have no control over what online stores list. in the US are normally pretty good at listing our books, so if you write to them giving the ISBNs of the missing books and saying you want to buy them there’s a good chance that they’ll put them up.

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