Turns and Chances

Turns and Chances

Turns and Chances

EPUB: 978-1-908039-09-5
MOBI: 978-1-908039-10-1

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Common cause unites a duke’s beautiful mistress, a stable lad, a goodwife, a priest, the bereft mother of an infant son and guild masters weary of seeing apprentices drafted into brutish militias. Conflicting loyalties set a duke’s dutiful bastard son on a deadly collision course with a journeyman blacksmith with most unexpected skills. In time, the country of Lescar will explode in bloody revolution, but before that comes this classic novella from Juliet E. McKenna.

The ebook edition uses the same magnificent Edward Miller cover art as the paper edition. It also includes an introduction by Chaz Brenchley explaining the insights that led to the Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution series.

Turns & Chances was originally published as a stand-alone novella by PS Publishing. The paper edition is out of print.


“The reader also gets a real sense of depth, of the world stretching away beyond the narrow confines of these pages, both in time and space. It’s an impressive achievement.” — Joanne Hall

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