Juliet E. McKenna

Juliet E. McKenna

Juliet E. McKenna, picture by Peter ColebornJuliet is a British-based fantasy writer who studied Classic at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. Her novels have been published by major publishers in a wide variety of different languages around the world. We are proud to be publishing ebook editions of her work.

To learn more about Juliet, and the world of Einarinn in which her stories are set, see her personal website. Also this press release about our work with her.

Other writers on Juliet E. McKenna

“…amazingly prolific and talented…” – Rowena Cory Daniels

“Juliet E. McKenna writes gripping, intelligent fantasy with heart” – Ian Whates

“Her many characters are thoroughly engaging and her plots tight, well-paced and gripping. I look forward to her next book (and the next) with the same enthusiasm I have had for the others (if not more).” – Joanne Harris

“She’s the thinking fantasy reader’s writer, and the stuff she writes is dangerously addictive.” – Charles Stross

“If you’re not reading Juliet McKenna, you should be…” – Kate Elliott

“Magically convincing and convincingly magical … the kind of engrossing read you only get when a writer of Juliet’s calibre is in effortless and enviable control of the world she’s creating” – Dan Abnett

“Inventing magic, devious intrigue and appealing characters make for an exciting tale well told” – Gail Z Martin

“McKenna has a wonderful gift for world-building. Fully rounded characters, exceptional storytelling ability and quality writing make for a rich, entertaining read” – Stan Nicholls

“If your appetite is for fantasy in the epic tradition, with compelling narratives, authentic combat and characters you care about, Juliet E McKenna is definitely the author for you” – Stan Nicholls

“Her characters are well-developed, strongly motivated, admirable, and yet have a normal array of human weaknesses. I find her work engrossing” – David Farland

“Everything works, in a McKenna novel: from the breadth of the world to the intimacies of relationships to the alien depths of the supernatural, there is a rare solidity here” – Chaz Brenchley