The Green Man’s Quarry

The Green Man’s Quarry

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Paperback: 978-1-913892-64-7
Hardcover: 978-1-913892-65-4
EPUB: 978-1-913892-62-3
MOBI: 978-1-913892-63-0


The Green Man sends Daniel Mackmain to stop threats from folklore making trouble in the everyday world. Now a naiad and dryad want him to deal with the big cat they’ve seen prowling in their woods. Reports like this turn up in the tabloid press from time to time, though no one has ever caught such a cat, or even found evidence of a large carnivore’s kills.

Can Dan discover the truth behind this modern myth before social media turns his hunt into an internet sensation? He knows that not all animals are what they seem. A huge cat which can appear and disappear without a trace must be more than meets the eye. Dan knows one thing for certain. He’s on the trail of a killer.

A modern fantasy rooted in the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles.


Finalist for Best Novel in the 2024 British Science Fiction Association Awards.


“There’s a real sense of peril in this one, with a genuinely scary villain with interesting motivation. I like the building community around Dan, and the way his powers are increasing: he’s come a long way since book 1. And the covers for the series are absolutely *spectacular*: the publisher has stormed it.” — KJ Charles on Goodreads

“It is a rattling good read, well paced, subtly rooted in the present and set in a UK that I find pleasingly familiar. […] I thoroughly recommend this book” — Colette Reap on Goodreads.

“This book’s as compelling as every other title in the Green Man series with a fast-paced narrative that makes it hard to put down. Dan’s network of acquaintances widens still further during the course of his trips to Yorkshire, Devon, Dorset, and Scotland in search of the big cat that’s not a big cat and, as is usually the case with Dan’s network, most of them are women of power, something Dan always takes in his stride – a fact I appreciate since too often male protagonists seem to feel threatened by women of power or treat them poorly simply because they’re not men.” — The Monday Review