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Colinthology is a collection of light-hearted, uplifting fantasy and SF short stories, put together in memory of Colin Harvey, who passed away suddenly in August 2011. They are the kind of stories we think he would have enjoyed over a quiet pint, and we hope that’s how you’ll enjoy them too. The book is edited by Roz Clarke and Joanne Hall, with cover art by Andy Bigwood.

All of the stories have been donated for free by friends of Colin, and all of the proceeds are being donated to Above & Beyond, the Bristol-based charity for which Colin volunteered in his spare time. Their mission statement is as follows:

Above & Beyond is the local charity that raises funds for all Bristol’s nine central hospitals. Each year, we invest some £3 million in projects that make a real difference to patients in our city. We fundraise to improve the hospital environment, fund innovative research, support and train hospital staff and provide state of the art equipment. Working with inspirational local people, we aim to make a difference to every patient and every condition. When patients, their families and friends want to say thank you for the care they’ve received at the hospitals, they come to us.

Table of Contents

  • Biz Be Biz – Gareth L Powell and Paul Graham Raven
  • The Man Down the Road – Nick Walters
  • A Tale from the Shakespeare Tavern – Ian Millsted
  • Professor Cornelius J Montague’s Spectacular Spirit Safari – Scott Lewis
  • An American Were-Hypnotist in Bristol – Andy Bigwood
  • Bigger Than Jesus – Bob Neilson
  • Newfangled – K G Jewell
  • They’re Watching you – Andy Gibb
  • Looking for a Knight in Shining Armour – Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • The Spell Misspelled – Stephanie Burgis
  • There in the Detail – Tony Ballantyne
  • A Better-Bred (TM) Woman Makes Good Her Escape – Sharon K Reamer
  • Made Things – Roz Clarke
  • Store of the Gods – Steve Westcott
  • Lukewarm in Lynhelm – Joanne Hall
  • Not So Dark Horizons – Raven Dane
  • Buzz Nausea, King of the Aircraft Men – John Hawkes-Reed
  • A Buffalito of Mars – Lawrence M Schoen
  • Natural Selection – Joshua Peterson
  • John and Lee Down by The G’Star – Rob Rowntree
  • The Big Reveal – Jonathan L Howard

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