A Few Further Tales of Einarinn

A Few Further Tales of Einarinn

A Few Further Tales of Einarinn

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A collection of five stories featuring characters from Juliet E McKenna’s Tales of Einarinn, beginning with the full story of an earlier adventure involving Livak, Halice, Sorgrad and Gren, followed by encounters and incidents set between the books of that series and concluding with unforeseen events a little while after the final volume.

Four stories have only been published previously in magazines and other limited distribution venues. One story, “Absent Friends”, is original to this collection. The book offers both an introduction to the world of Einarinn for new readers as well as insights and sidelights for established fans.

Artwork originally commissioned from some of Britain’s finest illustrators and comics artists to go with The Wedding Gift story provide black and white character illustrations throughout the ebook and the coloured portrait of Livak for the cover.

  • Win Some, Lose Some
  • A Spark in the Darkness
  • Absent Friends
  • Why the Pied Crow Always Sounds Disappointed
  • The Wedding Gift