The Green Man’s Silence

The Green Man’s Silence

The Green Man's Silence

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Paperback: 978-1-913892-02-9
Hardcover: 978-1-913892-03-6
EPUB: 978-1-913892-00-5
MOBI: 978-1-913892-01-2


Daniel Mackmain has always been a loner. As a dryad’s son, he can see the supernatural alongside everyday reality, and that’s not something he can easily share. Perhaps visiting East Anglia to stay with Finele Wicken and her family will be different. They have their own ties to the uncanny.

But something is amiss in the depths of the Fens. Creatures Dan has never encountered outside folk tales are growing uneasy, even hostile. He soon learns they have good reason. Can he help them before they retaliate and disaster strikes the unsuspecting locals? Can the Green Man help Dan in a landscape dominated by water for centuries, where the oaks were cut down aeons ago?

A modern fantasy rooted in the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles.

Book 3 in the Green Man series.