Startup Funding Appeal

Startup Funding Appeal

As with any other new business, Wizard’s Tower Press could do with some money. Currently we have no investors. Everything we have done has been done on a volunteer basis.

We will be charging for the books we publish, so there is no immediate need for cash there, though for specific projects we may make appeals to raise the money needed to buy rights.

Salon Futura is another matter. Like many other modern magazines, the content will be available for free online. We want to pay our writers. Part of that will be done through advertising and sponsorship. Part of it will come from selling copies of the magazine on platforms such as the Kindle and iBooks. And once the book business gets up and running it will subsidize the magazine (because the magazine will be promoting the books). But, like other magazines, we hope to also get income from donations.

So there is a PayPal donations button on this page. We will be very grateful for all donations, no matter how small. The money raised here will be used in two ways. Firstly it will be used to finance the first few issues of the magazine, and secondly it will be used to partly recompense those staff (excluding me) who have been working for free up until now.

Thank you for your support.


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