Wizard’s Tower to Publish Juliet E. McKenna’s River Kingdom

Wizard’s Tower to Publish Juliet E. McKenna’s River Kingdom

Wizard’s Tower Press is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights to Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom, a new collection by Juliet E. McKenna.

Imaginary friends should be a comfort when other consolations fail. But what if these longed-for companions think differently? What if they’re none too pleased with those who have summoned them? What about other daydreams and nightmares? Is it so comforting to think that something eerie half-glimpsed in a shadow might actually be there?

Few of the River Kingdom’s people realise there’s an unseen realm alongside their everyday world. A realm where imagination can give creatures of make-believe and myth form and substance. A realm from which dangerous creatures can sometimes escape. Those few who know these secrets have a duty to keep the Kingdom safe – whether they want that responsibility or not. But who can predict what creatures unconscious longing or fear might create?

Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom is a new book from acclaimed fantasy author Juliet E McKenna. This volume brings together stories previously available in a range of anthologies and in online and SF convention publications, not all easily found, as well as some new material including a map of this fantasy milieu. The fabulous cover is by artist Ben Baldwin.

Wizard’s Tower Press will be making this book available in print as well as ebook.

The book will be available at Bristolcon, Eurocon and Novacon, and through the usual venues.

To request a review copy, please write to: info@wizardstowerpress.com.

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