Wizard’s Tower Acquires Unjust Cause by Tate Hallaway

Wizard’s Tower Acquires Unjust Cause by Tate Hallaway

Wizard’s Tower Press is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights to Unjust Cause, a novel by Tate Hallaway.

Unjust Cause is the sequel to Precinct 13, of which Charles de Lint said in Fantasy & Science Fiction:

Precinct 13 is a really fun, fast-paced contemporary fantasy that also works well as a police procedural. [..] Hallaway has put together a fascinating scenario, mixing the supernatural and natural worlds in a way that feels fresh, and her characterization is great, especially the voice of the viewpoint character of Alex.

I’m certainly looking forward to more books about both.

Sadly more books were not forthcoming, until now…

County Coroner Alexandra Conner is back on the case with Precinct 13; Pierre, South Dakota’s sort-of-secret magical police department. This time, the bodies are literally falling from the sky, and evidence seems to point to Alex’s dragon-familiar boyfriend, Valentine.

A partial version of Unjust Cause was published online, but the new edition has been almost completely rewritten by the author. Wizard’s Tower will be producing paper and ebook editions of the book.

Wizard’s Tower Press is also the publisher of the AngeLINK series of novels by Hallaway’s alter-ego, Lyda Morehouse.

Unjust Cause will be published in Spring 2020.

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