Wizard’s Tower Acquires The Tangled Lands from Glenda Larke

Wizard’s Tower Acquires The Tangled Lands from Glenda Larke

Cheryl Morgan, publisher of Wizard’s Tower Press, has acquired World English ebook and paperback rights to The Tangled Lands, a novel from Glenda Larke.

“All seems well in the Kingdom of Talodiac. King Edwild’s rule is strong, and his young Queen, Thalia, has just provided him with a son and heir.

“Yet there is unease through the kingdom. The mysterious Redweavers, sorcerers from a land called Kanter, enter Talodiac through woven portals, and one desperate man has plans for the young prince.

“Sergeant Hervan of the King’s Guard knows little of such issues. He does know that one wet night he and his men are asked to provide an escort for a young woman leaving the King’s quarters. Presumably His Majesty couldn’t wait for the Queen to recover from the birth, and was seeking diversion.

“Little does Hervan know that this simple task will one day have profound consequences for himself, his family, the King, and the tangled lands of Talodiac and Kanter.”

Cheryl Morgan said: “I have been a fan of Glenda’s for many years. While she works within the well-known field of epic fantasy, she always manages to find a fresh twist to bring to her books. In particular I admire the strong feminist themes that are a feature of her work. I’m delighted to be able to publish her latest novel.”

Glenda said: After four trilogies, I have finally written my second standalone! The Tangled Lands is a story of a land under threat, where those in power hide the truths they know — and many people misunderstand much of what they see. And as always, the inspiration for the story is rooted in our own world. And the heroes? They are us…

About Glenda

Glenda Larke now lives in Western Australia where she was born, but fifty years of her adult life were spent in Malaysia, Austria and Tunisia raising two daughters, writing thirteen novels, and teaching English to students ranging from pre-school to university. In Malaysia, she also worked in rainforest conservation and founded the country’s first birdwatching body, producing its bi-monthly bulletin for ten years. As a writer she has been awarded four different Australian speculative fiction awards, including the coveted Sara Douglass Book Series Award for The Watergivers trilogy.

Wizard’s Tower Press is owned and managed by Cheryl Morgan and based in Wales. Cheryl has won four Hugo awards for her online writing and editing. Cheryl is a director of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Inc.