Wizard’s Tower Acquires Earth’s Shadow Trilogy from Lyda Morehouse

Wizard’s Tower Acquires Earth’s Shadow Trilogy from Lyda Morehouse

Cheryl Morgan, publisher of Wizard’s Tower Press, has acquired World English ebook and paperback rights to Earth’s Shadow, a jaunty lesbian space opera trilogy with a serious edge, from Lyda Morehouse. The first volume, Welcome to Boy.net, will be published in late 2023.

“Lucia Del Toro and Independence ‘Hawk’ Hawkins are a pair of happy-go-lucky bounty hunters, united in their passion for adventure and each other. Hawk grew up on a hippy science commune on the Earth’s Moon and has always been rootless and carefree. Del Toro, however, has a more complicated past, which is about to come back to haunt her.

“Politics in the Solar System are always complicated, and a key player is the UN’s crack regiment of space marines, the ENForcers. They are as hardcore and testosterone-fueled as military units come. And being cyborgs they are all connected through a bioware network known as boy.net. Her link to that network is one of many things that Del Toro thought she’d put behind her when she got out of the military and changed her life. But with Earth’s security at stake she will soon have a choice to make.”

Cheryl Morgan said: “I’m delighted to see Lyda returning to science fiction. Her AngeLINK series, first published at the turn of the millennium, featured a world in the grip of religious conservatism, deep fakes on the internet, and an emergent AI. Serious stuff. But it was also funny (Lyda has the best Satan) and featured a transgender Archangel at a time when few authors were tackling such themes.”

Lyda said: “Welcome to Boy.net is my love letter to lesbian pulps smashed up with ‘wet Venus’ retro science fiction. Del Toro and Hawk are women of a certain age fighting fascism, sexism, and transphobia while rocketing through a terraformed solar system and having hella fun doing it. My hope is that it’s as fun to read as it was to write.”

In the run-up to publication of the first Earth’s Shadow book, Wizard’s Tower will be issuing paperback editions of the AngeLINK series, which they have published in ebook form since 2014.

About Lyda

Lyda lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her wife of over thirty years and their grown son. Her first novel, Archangel Protocol, was the 2001 Shamus Award winner for the best original paperback featuring a private investigator, the winner of the Barnes & Noble Maiden Voyage Award for best debut science fiction/fantasy novel, and a nominee for the Romantic Times Critic’s Choice for best science fiction. The final volume of the AngeLINK series, Apocalypse Array was short-listed for the Philip K. Dick Award for distinguished mass-market paperback novels of science fiction.

By night Lyda dons a skin-tight cat suit and prowls the streets as Tate Hallaway, best selling romance author. Tate’s books include the adult paranormal Garnet Lacey series, the YA Vampire Princess of St. Paul series, and the Alex Connor series. She has an upcoming short story in the Reinvented Detective anthology edited by Cat Rambo and Jennifer Brozek due out from Manor press in November of this year.

Like her writing career, Lyda’s sense of her own queerness is ever expanding. You can keep track of her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as www.lydamorehouse.com and https://www.patreon.com/lydamorehouse and a few odd places, like Tumblr and Dreamwidth.

Wizard’s Tower Press is owned and managed by Cheryl Morgan and based in Wales. Cheryl has won four Hugo awards for her online writing and editing. Cheryl is a director of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Inc.