Wizard’s Tower Acquires Colin Harvey Novels

Wizard’s Tower Acquires Colin Harvey Novels

Wizard’s Tower Press is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights to the late Colin Harvey’s two novels: Winter Song and Damage Time. Our thanks to Kate Harvey, to Angry Robot and to Colin’s agents, Zeno, for working with us on this.

Initially we will be issuing new ebook editions of the two novels. The books will be as originally published, but will include new introductions by Gareth L. Powell and Lee Harris. Chris Moore has agreed to provide us with versions of the original cover art.

Longer term we are looking to publish hardcover editions of both novels, and to ensure that as much of Colin’s legacy as possible remains in print. We are also looking at Colin’s unpublished work.

Further announcements will be made in due course. Unfortunately the business climate is extremely uncertain at the moment due to the recent changes to EU VAT rules for ebooks which make using crowdfunding very difficult. However, we are looking at having print books available at BristolCon 2015 on September 26th. The convention was Colin’s idea, and Chris Moore is one of this year’s Guests of Honour.

To request a review copy, please write to: info@wizardstowerpress.com.

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