Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion

Airship Shape
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Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion brings together tales from the light and dark sides of steampunk. Living ghosts, walking ferns and ingenious androids populate visions of the city of Bristol at once familiar and peculiar. Above them soar magnificent men, and women, in their flying machines. Whether they are seeking release, revenge or adventure, the characters in these stories will draw you down the side-streets of Bristol to the brass and steam-filled worlds you never dreamed were there.

Take a walk around Bristol, and history seeps from the walls. The city can claim more than its fair share of firsts, including the first iron-hulled steamship, the first female doctor, the first chocolate bar and the first use of nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic, the invention of the Plimsoll line, the first undersea telegraph cable, the world’s first test tube baby and the first transplant organ grown from stem cells, and a large share of the world’s first supersonic airliner. Now, from this fertile ground comes an anthology charting other realities and alternate histories, in a collection as rich and varied as the true history of this great British city.

— Gareth L. Powell


“The stories are meaty, and thought provoking while at the same time put across their messages with wit and humour…. This collection has also created in me a powerful desire to visit this extraordinary city that has played such an important role in creating the world we live in today.”

Martha Hubbard

“…it is, very good indeed. If you like Steampunk, you’ll love this. If you’ve never read Steampunk, you should give the book a go anyway, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.”

Andy Fairchild at CultDen


  • Case of the Vapours, by Ken Shinn
  • Brassworth, by Christine Morgan
  • The Lesser Men Have No Language, by Deborah Walker
  • Brass and Bone, by Joanne Hall
  • The Girl with Red Hair, by Myfanwy Rodman
  • Artifice Perdu, by Pete Sutton
  • Miss Butler and the Handlander Process, by John Hawkes-Reed
  • Something In The Water, by Cheryl Morgan
  • The Chronicles of Montague and Dalton: The Hunt for Alleyway Agnes, by Scott Lewis
  • The Sound of Gyroscopes, by Jonathan L. Howard
  • Flight of Daedalus, by Piotr Świetlik
  • The Traveller’s Apprentice, by Ian Millsted
  • Lord Craddock: Ascension, by Stephen Blake
  • The Lanterns of Death Affair, by Andy Bigwood

Edited by Roz Clarke & Joanne Hall.

Cover by Andy Bigwood.

This book is produced in collaboration with the BristolCon Foundation. It is a charitable organisation responsible for the running of the BristolCon SF & Fantasy convention, which takes place in Bristol every October, and a series of Fringe Events intended to promote local genre writers and artists. Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion is the Foundation’s first short-story anthology supporting this mission.

Wizard’s Tower Press is delighted to be supporting the BristolCon Foundation in this project.

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