The Gambler’s Fortune

The Gambler's Fortune
EPUB: 978-1-908039-23-1
MOBI: 978-1-908039-24-8

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Livak has decided it’s time she turned her new-found connections with powerful mages and mighty princes into solid advantage for herself. If she is to have any sort of future with the swordsman Ryshad, they need the means to live independently of her gambling and travel and the ties of his oath.

Livak discovers that knowledge of the ancient aetheric magic – Artifice as the Tormalin call it – is being sought by both Messire D’Olbriot and Planir the Archmage. By locating those who hold the secrets of Artifice first, Livak will hold the key to untold riches …

The sequel to The Thief’s Gamble and The Swordsman’s Oath.

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